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New Product Highlights

July 1, 2011

High-Volume Sediment Trap

Bracker's Good Earth Clays, Inc.
The Gleco Trap HV sanitary high-volume sediment trap offers clean, dry and simple maintenance for heavy-use situations. Instead of leak-prone flexible hoses found on other traps, the Gleco Trap HV uses standard 11/2-in. threaded inlet and outlet ports to ensure a leak-proof assembly. Call (888) 822-1982, fax (785) 841-8142 or visit www.brackers.com.

Rotary Reactor System

Harper International
This company has installed and commissioned an advanced rotary reactor system for the purification of fine oxide-based powders with hot chlorine gas or synthesis of metallic chloride gases. The rotary system operates at 1250°C and incorporates the company's patented sealing technology, allowing the use of 100% chlorine gas at these elevated temperatures. Visit www.harperintl.com or email info@harperintl.com.

Trial/Rental Program

Hundreds of mixing and blending equipment, from 1-quart to 400-gal capacities, are now available through this company's newly expanded Trial/Rental Program for short- and long-term rental. In addition, several laboratory models are available for free consignment.

The Trial/Rental Program enables process managers to optimize efficiency on their process line. Whether increased mixing capacity is needed online no later than the end of next week, or mixer testing is intended for only a couple of months, the program allows the flexibility to match capacity to demand without purchase.

Mix vessels and auxiliary equipment, including vacuum pumps and heating units, can also be rented as a package with any mixer or blender. This reduces extra steps in sourcing and installation, allowing users to start testing or production sooner. Once a mixing strategy is confirmed and a new mixer is selected for purchase, a significant portion of trial fees are credited against the purchase price. Call (800) 243-ROSS or visit www.mixers.com.

High-Alumina Refractory Brick

Sunrock Ceramics
A 99.5% alumina composition has been added to this company's family of HPA high-alumina formulations. The HPA-99 material is available as heavy-density brick for hot-face linings in reducing atmospheres and other applications requiring high chemical inertness, such as the processing of piezoceramics and phosphors.

HPA-99 is also available in specialty shapes, such as kiln furniture and hearth plates, formed either by pressing or casting. The material is being introduced to the market after successful field testing for the last 18 months in very demanding temperature and atmosphere applications in the U.S. and Europe. Call (708) 344-7600, fax (708) 344-7636, email dthurman@sunrockceramics.com or visit www.sunrockceramics.com.

Eight-Facet Drill

sp3 Diamond Cutting Tools
This company has introduced a new eight-facet drill designed for highly abrasive non-metallic materials, such as green ceramic. The new drill reportedly provides superior performance in ceramics as compared to a standard diamond-coated jobber drill. In addition, it can provide less mushrooming at the entrance and virtually eliminate break-out on the exit of the hole. Call (888) 547-4156 or visit www.sp3cuttingtools.com.

Insulating Fiber Modules

Unifrax I LLC
Anchor-Loc®3 insulating fiber modules are designed and manufactured for the global market and can provide performance, reliability, and consistency. The new generation of Anchor-Loc modules is designed to meet a range of application requirements in a variety of heat-processing vessels. They provide continuous S-folded blanket construction for improved thermal performance. Call (716) 278-3800, fax (716) 278-3900, email info@unifrax.com or visit www.unifrax.com.

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