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PRODUCT SPOTLIGHT: Burner Control System

April 1, 2011
A new relay-logic control panel provides flame supervision, temperature control and equencing for single-burner combustion control applications.

The new SBC 1.0A control system is a configurable single-burner combustion control panel. The relay-logic panel provides flame supervision, temperature control and sequencing for single-burner combustion control applications. The core of the system is the Kromschr”der IFD 258 automatic burner control unit.

The SBC 1.0A can be configured to meet specific application requirements. Potential combustion applications for the SBC 1.0A include rotary dryers, oxidizers, incinerators, air heaters, fluidized bed dryers, and package burners, as well as ovens and furnaces.

Temperature control is selectable between 4-20 mA or position proportional control actuators (and three position step). Users may select either direct spark ignition (gas only application) or pilot ignition (combination gas/oil application). In addition, the SBC 1.0A can be configured with combustion air blower start/stop switches, a panel heater and nozzle purge circuits (for heavy oil applications). Other selectable configurations include thermocouple (type K or J) and ultraviolet (UV) or flame-rod flame detection (gas only).

Additional features include a standard NEMA 4-rated enclosure; full-featured 1/4 DIN temperature controller with set-point ramp capability; 1/16 DIN high-temperature limit instrument; adjustable purge timer; and low-fire hold circuit and indicators for purging, limits set, and control on.

SBC 1.0A control systems can be used with most industry-accepted actuators, including Kromschr”der IC-40, GT-50, and IC-20; Honeywell Herculine and Modutrol; Barber Colman EA series; and Siemens SQM series. Additional actuator control types are also available.

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