Ceramic Industry

Rubis-Precis/Micropierre: Custom Products

February 23, 2012


"A range of new, wear-resistant custom products made of fine ceramics such as zirconia, alumina oxide, silicon nitride, silicon and boron carbide, monocristal sapphire, and fused quartz is now available. Products include zirconia-mounted pistons for liquid chromatography and medical pumps, sapphire wire guides for metallic wires, zirconia cutting blades for abrasives textiles, zirconia bearings and pivots for precision measuring instruments, and micromotors. In addition, silicon carbide and silicon nitride components are offered for the space and aeronautic industry; sapphire precision balls, along with various wear parts, can be used in harsh conditions such as corrosive environments.

For more information, visit www.rubis-precis.com.