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Are Young Adults Suffering More?

February 20, 2012

A recent Pew Research Center survey reported that young adults may have been hit hardest by the bad economy, as 20- and 30-somethings struggle to find jobs. In last week’s CI CyberNews CyberPoll, we asked readers which age group they believe has been hit hardest. The majority of respondents (60%) chose younger adults, while 30% believe that middle-aged adults have been hardest hit. The remainder (10%) chose seniors (over 65).

Comments included:

“We received 200 applications for an entry-level engineering position last year. Remember when companies had to go to college recruiting events to get these kids to come to work for them?”

“Actually every age group. Younger folks having trouble getting work, middle age group trying to send kids to college that costs spiral upward, and lastly seniors on a relatively fixed income at a time when fuel and grocery prices are rising dramatically.”

“My impression is that the younger generation is doing themselves a disservice. They are some of the most highly skilled but inflexible potential employees around. They don’t seem to want to stretch to take jobs that fail to 100% meet their expectations for location, pay, perks, etc. We need to move to where the jobs are and not hope jobs come to us. Seniors are the hardest hit as they tend to be more tied to locations (house, family, healthcare, etc) and have less marketable skills. The economy has forced many back into the job market. The situation with seniors is indeed sad.”

“Seniors over age 65 should be retired, for the most part. Middle-agers generally have top-level experience and smart companies hang on to, and hire, those employees due to their greater knowledge and experience and typically their overall higher performance. That leaves the younger adults as those left ‘holding the bag,’ so to speak. Younger workers, overall, lack experience and simply don’t represent the best choice for many employers. At the same time, I personally know several 30-somethings who are happily employed and making ‘big bucks.’ It all comes down to an individual, regardless of age, who best offers what the employer needs at any particular point in time.”

“The seniors have pensions, Medicare, and Social Security, which haven’t been affected much by the bad economy.”

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