Ceramic Industry

GOODFELLOW: Machinable Glass Ceramic

February 28, 2012

MACOR® machinable glass ceramic reportedly offers researchers, product designers and machinists cost-saving advantages over working with traditional ceramic materials.

The glass ceramic is machinable with ordinary metalworking tools, rather than expensive diamond grinding equipment. In addition, machined components reportedly do not require post-firing after machining is completed, eliminating a production process and reducing the time between design and realization. The high-precision and complex shapes achieved with the glass ceramic have a maximum use temperature of 1000ºC; are strong and rigid; are radiation resistant; have low thermal conductivity; and can be highly polished. The glass ceramic can be used in markets such as electronics/semiconductor, laser, high vacuum, aerospace/space, and nuclear industry. The machinable glass ceramic is available as rods, bars, sheets and finished components.

For more information, visit www.goodfellowusa.com.