Ceramic Industry

Gas Price Worries

March 6, 2012

In last week’s CI CyberNews CyberPoll, we asked readers if they think U.S. gas prices will exceed $9/gal this year. The vast majority of respondents (92%) do not believe gas prices will reach that high, while the rest of the respondents (8%) do believe that gas prices will increase substantially.

Comments included:

“When world leaders learn to recognize that finance and economy problems will disappear if they reduce fuel costs, everything becomes cheaper to produce, people save and spend money, therefore creating more jobs and increased taxes to be collected to solidify the economies around the world. Lowered fuel costs will stabilize the world economy and reduce stress on companies, politicians, and consumers, allowing more money to be allocated to newer pharmaceutical and electronic technology to improve the lives of human beings worldwide while making the planet heathier from the developments noted above.”  — Phillip Pitts Sr. VP Enamelite LLC

“Certainly not in an election year.”

“$9? no $4? yes. Of course, we have been getting promises of $2/gallon gas. Where they’ll pull it out of, I can only guess.”

“Absolutely not. We can do ethanol for less than $5/gal. Other options (diesel, electric, NG, propane) become more viable. This is a ridiculous projection.”

“No, but Obama and Gore got their $5/gal wish. Hope they don’t mind a sputtering economy at election time.”

“I sure hope not!”

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