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Are Airport Scanners Safe?

March 13, 2012

While U.S. government studies have concluded that the level of radiation emitted by full-body airport scanners is safe for passengers, there’s still much debate over these backscatter X-ray machines. In last week’s CICyberNews CyberPoll, we asked readers if they think the machines are safe for passengers. Responses came in as follows:

Yes, they are safe and I use them: 41.2%

No, they are not safe: 35.3%

Unsure/other: 17.6%

Yes, they are safe but I opt for a pat down: 5.9%


Comments included:

“Our government may have done a risk vs. benefit calculation and decided the health risks are outweighed by the need to protect us from terrorist attacks. I think the chances of the latter are small, but the geopolitical and psychological costs of such an attack are staggering; look at what 9/11 did to our nation.”

“It is unconstitutional. This is not the way to protect our airports by taking our freedoms away in the name of safety. We need to learn from Israel on how to run airport security.”

“I am sure they are ok for the casual flyer but for people that live on planes I think the accumulative effect cannot be good.”

“I am fine with all methods currently in use. I have no problem being touched or irradiated. Combination of methods is okay. The x-ray machines seem quicker.”


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