Ceramic Industry

Thermal Technology Building Direct Current Sintering System

March 20, 2012

Thermal Technology recently announced it is currently building a 100-ton, 36,000-amp direct current sintering (DCS) system for a domestic research organization. The DCS model 100-36 will reportedly be integral to the study of new ultra-high-temperature ceramic composites.

“Thermal Technology has dominated the domestic spark plasma sintering market since 2008 and we currently have six systems in various stages of completion,” said Matt Mede, president and CEO. “The addition of DCS systems reinforces our market position.”

DCS and spark plasma sintering (SPS) are in a class of non-conventional sintering techniques; DCS, however, uses a steady electric current and SPS a pulsed current. DCS has multiple commercial applications. Similar to SPS, heat is generated internally, as opposed to conventional methods of materials densification such as hot pressing, wherein the heat is external to the sample. While traditional methods of materials processing require hours to reach peak temperature, SPS and DCS take only minutes. The clear benefits are the significant saving of time and energy and the ability to retain nano-structures.

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