Ceramic Industry

Ceralink Opens Materials Testing Facility

March 21, 2012

Ceralink Inc. recently announced the opening of a new Materials Testing facility located in St. Clairsville, Ohio. Ceralink Materials Testing (Ceralink MT) will specialize in advanced materials testing services for ceramic matrix composites (CMCs).    

Ceralink MT offers high cycle fatigue testing of CMCs at temperatures up to 2500°F. The new 6,400-sq-ft testing facility houses multiple servo-hydraulic fatigue testing frames and various thermophysical analysis instrumentation. Creep rupture and environmental exposure capabilities will be added as well.

“The addition of Ceralink’s Materials Testing facility allows us to expand our capabilities and respond to customer needs for precision, rapid turnaround CMC testing critical to their development programs,” said Drew Spradling, CTO. “As a company founded and operated by ceramic engineers, we feel we can offer a unique perspective in the testing and evaluation of a wide range of CMC properties.”

For more information, visit www.ceralink.com.