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How to Use the Ceramic Components Directory

March 28, 2012

In the Component Listings* section (pp. 42-60), an alphabetical listing of manufacturers/suppliers appears under each product heading. For help with design, machining or other assistance, consult the Professional Services section (pp. 61-63). Arrows indicate display advertisers in this edition.

If you know the name of the manufacturer/supplier(s) you’re looking for, check the Display Advertisers’ Index (p. 82) for the page number of their ad. To obtain more information from these advertisers, contact them directly using the information in their advertisement, flip to the Address Index* (pp. 64-70) to find more information about the company, or visit them online using the website address listed in the Display Advertisers’ Index.

If you do not know the manufacturer/supplier, consult the Master Component Index (pp. 38-40), which provides an alphabetical listing of the more than 500 components included in the Ceramic Components Directory. Turn to the page number indicated to the right of the product heading. If you know the name of a product and need to find the manufacturer that produces it, take a look at the Trade Names listings on p. 41.

Keep this useful book handy as a yearlong resource for reference and supplier information.  View the Materials Properties Charts here.


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