Ceramic Industry

Avure Technologies Reports Record Year

April 10, 2012

Avure Technologies Inc. recently reported it has had its best sales year to date, with record bookings in both its industrial and food processing segments. In addition, the company reportedly saw an ongoing surge the past five years in demand in both business segments.

Avure isostatic presses are reportedly used by hundreds of manufacturers around the globe to improve the performance of a variety of parts and materials, primarily through the compaction of metal powders and densification of castings. As the aerospace and automotive sectors experience an upswing, the company’s world-class sheet-metal forming technology has reportedly become the preferred method for economical, low-volume parts forming and fast prototype components.

“We have had our best sales year ever,” said Pat Adams, president and CEO. “The HPP business is now as large as the entire company was in total in 2006, and the industrial business is almost twice as large. Like Avure itself, our customers occupy leadership positions in their respective markets, and we are committed to enhancing their success. Our dynamic growth is testimony to our cutting-edge technology and emphasis on solutions, complemented by our applications expertise, turnkey systems delivery, and service and support.”

For more information, visit www.avure.com.