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Cyber Snooping

April 3, 2012

Job hunters are often required to undergo drug tests or personality quizzes in addition to a standard interview. However, online snooping is now becoming more prevalent among prospective employers. In last week’s CI CyberNews CyberPoll, we asked readers if it’s ethical for employers to request login information for an applicant’s personal social media accounts. The vast majority of respondents (90.5%) feel that this practice is an invasion of privacy. The remainder (9.5%) believe that it is completely ethical.

Comments included:

“Prospective employers are entitled to information related to job qualifications only. Having full access to someone’s social media accounts exposes irrelevant information and information about others without their consent.”

“Absolutely No. Not really an invasion of privacy, as nothing you do on line should be considered private. Regardless, it is Identity Theft. They are getting the information to make or edit posts as you. I’ll show anyone anything on any social media accounts but I’ll not give login info to anyone. If an employer representative asked me for that, I would get up and leave without saying a word. If I did say anything, it would only escalate. It would just be better if I left.”

“I think it is an invasion, but most of these kids make everything public. My kids are in their early 20s and I have told them not to post anything they wouldn’t want their grandparents to see.”

“Any company that engages in this sort of unethical policy is a company that should be avoided as a potential employer. All indications are that this sort of snooping into personal social media accounts, as part of an employment interview process, will soon be declared illegal. Look for employers to be sued over this despicable practice!”

“Asking for passwords goes way too far. Most companies have policies that prohibit employees from sharing password information with anyone; that should also include personal passwords.”

“Social media content on the internet is fair game to whoever gets access. A request for login information has nothing to do with ethics.”

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