Ceramic Industry


April 12, 2012

This company’s high-strength, low cement range of refractory monolithic lining materials is reportedly ideal for demanding, high-temperature applications in the metals, incineration, power generation, and minerals processing markets. The full range of products includes Tri-Mor® Morflo® low cement castable and Tri-Mor Higun® low cement gunning materials. They reportedly offer excellent resistance to chemical attack and abrasion, combining the traditional high-performance qualities of high-fired brick with the ease of installation of a refractory castable.

The advanced materials can be used in forge furnaces, rotary kilns, rotary hearths, pusher furnaces, skid kid pipe protections and troughs for molten copper. The availability of the full range of products can offer significant benefits; walls and floors can be lined with the Morflo castable material, while roofs can be gunned with the Higun material. 

The Tri-Mor Morflo low cement castable materials feature high fluidity for ease of placement without any impact on strength. They can reportedly be installed in tough to place furnace areas with minimal vibration. 

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