Ceramic Industry

PPG Expands Chopped Strand Product Portfolio

April 16, 2012

PPG Industries’ fiber glass business recently announced it has expanded its portfolio of chopped strand products with the addition of three CHOPVANTAGE® chopped strand fiber products.

“The launch of these new chopped strand fiber products further expands our comprehensive line of CHOPVANTAGE chopped strand fibers that provide high levels of mechanical properties with excellent hydrolysis and heat resistance, and processing,” said Co den Besten, global business director of chopped fibers for thermoplastics. “What is exciting is that we now offer our customers even more chopped strand fiber glass options with our best-in-class thermoplastic chemistry for their applications where mass reduction is an important requirement.”

CHOPVANTAGEHP3270 fiber glass is a 10-micron chopped strand fiber that reportedly offers high performance in polypropylene compounds and improved chemistry for DAM (dry as molded) properties. It can provide excellent performance in standard application compounds as well as hot detergent solutions. End-use product applications can be found in the automotive and appliance segments, such as in washers and dryers where white color characteristics are critical.

CHOPVANTAGEHP3613 chopped strand reinforcement reportedly offers the proprietary sizing chemistry of the CHOPVANTAGE HP3610 chopped strand fiber glass in a 13-micron fiber diameter. Available for polyamide applications, it can offer high hydrolysis resistance in long life coolant systems and meets U.S. Food and Drug Administration and EU food compliance requirements, as well as potable water guidelines.

CHOPVANTAGEHP3730 chopped strand fiber glass can offer excellent DAM properties and exceptional hydrolysis resistance in thermoplastic polyesters, such as PBT (polybutylene terephthalate) and PET (polyethylene terephthalate) compounds. In addition, it reportedly creates exceptional mechanical properties in biodegradable plastics such as PLAs (polylactic acids), PHAs (polyhydroxyalkanoates) and PTTs (polytrimethyleneterephthalates). The superior mechanical properties of this chopped strand fiber glass product support its use in high-end applications for transportation, electric and electronic appliances, and computer housings and components.

For more information, visit www.ppgfiberglass.com.