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Israel Peltsman Passes Away

April 19, 2012

Israel David Peltsman, co-founder of Peltsman Corp., died April 7. He was born in Kiev, Ukraine, on May 17, 1918, to the family of a well-known tailor of fashionable women clothes. Due to a difficult political situation in the post-revolution Kiev of the mid 1920s, the family emigrated to Paris. However, after a few years they had to return home, where Israel’s father passed away. His mother relocated the family to Leningrad (St. Petersburg), where Israel spent most of his adult life.

Since his childhood, Israel exhibited strong interest in aerodynamics and airplane model making, and enjoyed working with youth in summer camps as an instructor. His other passions were automobiles, trains and anything else that could move with engines. It was no surprise when Israel was accepted into the Leningrad’s Mechanical Engineering Institute.

Israel motivated his family to emigrate to the U.S. His dream came true when he was almost 60 years old in 1977, when his family arrived in Minneapolis. Energetic and enthusiastic but without any knowledge of English, Israel was ready to do any kind of work necessary to establish a new life. His first job was as a mechanical engineer, communicating primarily via drawings. One year later, as a natural entrepreneur, talented engineer and inventor, Israel, along with his son Michael, started Peltsman Corp.

Israel was a devoted and loving husband, and proud father and grandfather. He will be remembered by those who knew him as intensely energetic, talented, entrepreneurial, loyal, honest, fiercely independent, generous, kind and loving.

The company’s website is located at www.pelcor.com.