Ceramic Industry

Rio Tinto Announces Increased Bauxite, Alumina Production

April 20, 2012

Rio Tinto recently released its 2012 first quarter operations review. Bauxite and alumina production were 10% and 13% higher, respectively, compared to the first quarter of 2011. Aluminum was down 9%, primarily reflecting the orderly shutdown of two-thirds of capacity at Alma (due to labor disruption) and the closure of Lynemouth.

“We had a solid first quarter with increased production of iron ore, coal, bauxite, alumina and titanium dioxide compared with the first quarter of 2011,” said Tom Albanese, chief executive. “This was driven by a combination of our consistently high operating performance and reduced impact from severe weather than in 2011. We were therefore well-positioned for the relatively strong markets in the first quarter, albeit with continued volatility as we anticipated.”           

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