Ceramic Industry

PARAGON: Crucible Glass Furnace

May 2, 2012

The Trifecta crucible glass furnace is designed for glass blowers who make custom glass colors, blown vessels and neon tubing. It can also cast glass.

The wall-mounted digital temperature controller is connected to the furnace with 6-ft cables. The Trifecta holds three crucibles. Three 9-in. holes in the lid each include a firebrick crucible cover. Spring latches hold the lid to the kiln. Three-inch-high temperature K-25 firebrick is used throughout the kiln. The firebrick walls are wrapped with a ceramic fiber blanket, which is protected behind a stainless-steel case.

A mercury relay, which turns on the heating elements, and an S-Type platinum thermocouple are standard on the Trifecta. The separate firebrick bottom can be replaced should a crucible ever crack and spill hot glass. The bottom is attached to the furnace with four T-handle spring latches for quick removal.

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