Ceramic Industry

European Machine Manufacturers Report Recovery

June 4, 2012

Since 2010, business for European technology suppliers to the ceramic industry has been picking up, according to Paul Eirich, spokesman for the European Ceramic Technology Suppliers (ECTS) association. Eirich was speaking at Ceramitec, which took place May 22-25 in Munich, Germany.

Signs are positive for applications where ceramics meet up with metallurgy and raw materials extraction; investment here is strong worldwide. In the area of catalytic converters and particulate filters, demand is rising as well. China is investing in this field, and the U.S. and India are also gradually following suit.

Suppliers of products to the building industry, however, have faced many challenges and have had a slow recovery. Investment is still at a relatively low level in the brickmaking industry. The big gap that is still evident between the technological level of industrialized countries and developing or growth regions of the world is not making market entry any easier for European manufacturers. The impetus for the sector is still coming mainly from Asia. 

According to a “Mechanical Engineering–Contribution to Energy Efficiency,” a report by Roland Berger commissioned by the VDMA, companies in Germany are saving around €7 billion (~ $8.7 billion) per year, as compared to the end of the 1990s, simply through the use of modern machinery and facilities?. In 2022, the annual savings potential could be as much as €20 billion (~ $25 billion). Sustainability has not only an ecological and a social dimension, it also has an economic impact. This needs to be communicated worldwide to investors and customers, according to Eirich. 

For additional information, visit www.ceramitec.de/en.