Ceramic Industry

AGC Releases Chemically Strengthened Glass

June 8, 2012

Asahi Glass Co. Ltd. (AGC) announced plans to release Leoflex™, a newly developed chemically strengthened glass. Leoflex is reportedly stronger than conventional soda-lime glass and is resistant to cracking, even with its reduced thickness, which can enable the company to reduce the weight of glass. With this new glass, AGC reportedly can respond to the need for more lightweight glass of all sizes in a range of applications, such as solar panels, building materials, and lighting.

AGC has been supplying soda-lime glass in various markets such as construction, automobile and solar power generation. AGC plans to capitalize on its understanding of the needs and technical expertise in these markets and make proposals to help its customers create added value for their products through the use of this new glass.

For more information, visit www.agc-group.com/en.