Ceramic Industry

MURATA AMERICAS: Supercapacitors

June 8, 2012

This company recently announced the addition of the DMG series to its line of thin, low-resistance, electrical double-layer capacitors (EDLCs). The DMG supercapacitors, which can provide high power backup, achieve high reliability with a five-year life span at 70°C and can be used for enterprise solid state drive (SSD) manufacturers and telecom last-gasp applications.  

The DMG series reportedly offers high voltage with very low equivalent series resistance (ESR) all within a miniaturized, yet robust package. The supercapacitors are available in 2.1 V single-cell and 4.2 V double-cell options; the 2.1 V can provide a nominal capacity of 700 mF with a profile of only 1.4 mm and an ESR at 1 kHz 70 mΩ, while the 4.2 V has a nominal capacity of 350 mF at 2.8 mm thickness and 130 mΩ ESR at 1 kHz.

For additional information, visit www.murataamericas.com.