Ceramic Industry

Morgan Technical Ceramics Exhibits Materials at MD&M East

June 19, 2012

Morgan Technical Ceramics recently announced it showcased a range of ceramic materials, components and assemblies at the Medical Design & Manufacturing East (MD&M East) Conference and Exposition May 22-May 24 in Philadelphia, Pa. The company’s range of products for medical devices includes custom ceramic sensors and transducers; it offers more than 30 formulations of piezoelectric materials that can be manufactured into standard and custom sizes and shapes. In addition, HIP Vitox® ceramic femoral heads are mechanically and chemically stable and bio-inert advanced ceramic components for therapeutic equipment.

Therapeutic equipment components that were showcased included metalized ceramic RF windows, medical linear accelerator (LINAC) metalized rings, and feedthroughs and high-power insulators for cyclotrons. Typically used within tubes or rings inside medical accelerators as acceleration units, or within proton therapy equipment as high-voltage, high-power insulators, the ceramic components can reportedly provide low dielectric loss at high frequency and high mechanical strength.

For additional information, visit www.morgantechnicalceramics.com.