Ceramic Industry

PPG Glass Scientists Receive Carnegie Science Awards

June 13, 2012

PPG Industries recently announced that some of its scientists received the Advanced Manufacturing Award at the 2012 Carnegie Science Awards for work on the development of SOLARBAN® R100 glass. Adam Polcyn, Ph.D., Andrew Wagner, Ph.D., and Paul Medwick, Ph.D., helped engineer the neutral-reflective, solar control, low-emissivity (low-e) glass to provide better solar control performance than other neutral-reflective, low-e architectural glasses.

Glenn Miner, PPG director for Construction, Flat Glass, said the number of architects and designers requesting samples was higher for Solarban R100 glass than for any new architectural glass product in the company’s history. He said the technology behind the glass was the most impressive aspect of the product.

“These gentlemen were honored for scientific innovation,” he said. “Together, they created a new way to sputter nanolayers of coating on a glass substrate, which enabled them to eliminate the visibility issues inherent in the coating materials while still achieving superior performance and manufacturability. As an award presented by scientists to scientists, it is an inspiring acknowledgement of the talented, creative and innovative people PPG has working to make its architectural glass products better every day.”

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