Ceramic Industry

Ceramic Fuel Cells’ Generators to Be Used in Virtual Power Plant

June 26, 2012

Ceramic Fuel Cells Ltd. recently announced its BlueGen gas-to-electricity generators will be used in a project in The Netherlands to create a Virtual Power Plant. The BlueGen units are planned to be installed with customers across the Netherlands to create a new community of distributed energy producers, connected through the Internet and operated as a Virtual Power Plant.

Ceramic Fuel Cells is supporting its distribution partner BlueGeneration, which is working on the project with Liander and IBM. This team will start designing a platform on which the Virtual Power Plant can run. During the design phase, BlueGeneration, Liander and IBM will design the technical requirements and define the use cases for the platform.

The project partners have entered the first phase of the project, with three BlueGen units installed with energy consultants KIWA Gastec for testing at its facilities in Apeldoorn. The aim is to test the compatibility with the designed systems and to have a closed and regulated environment for the first tests. During this one-year test phase, the influence of extreme modulation cycles will also be examined, as well as the impact for the grid operator.

For additional information, visit www.cfcl.com.au.