Ceramic Industry

MURATA AMERICAS: Ceramic Capacitors

July 2, 2012

Two new multilayer ceramic capacitor (MLCC) series are now available that contain metal terminals. The KCM line is automotive grade, meeting AEC-Q200 requirements; the KRM series is designed for commercial use. Both offer high capacitance values (4.7-47 uF) and a terminal design that can provide high reliability for thermal and mechanical stress while reducing acoustic noise. This allows each to be used in DC-DC converter noise suppression circuits in automotive and commercial environments.

The KCM and KRM series are available either in a single- or double-chip package. High capacitance can reportedly be achieved with the double chip package by stacking two MLCCs together. In addition, both offer a rated voltage range of DC 25 ~ 100 V. 

For additional information, visit www.murataamericas.com.