Ceramic Industry

New Product Highlights

July 2, 2012

Ceramic Industry's July 2012 New Product Highlights showcases five great products from these five great companies:

l and la kiln equad pro dynatrol

L&L Kiln Mfg. Inc.

The eQuad-Pro series features this company’s new Quad element system with four rows of elements per 9-in. section and very heavy gauge elements; full-featured DynaTrol with Dynamic Zone Control; extra power with branch fusing for high production work; type K 8 gauge thermocouples with ceramic protection tubes; full-support 14-gauge aluminized steel stand; solid peephole plugs with full view (no tappering); hard ceramic element holders; brick coating; “easy-lift” stainless steel full-support spring hinge; and mercury-free relays. Phone (856) 294-0077 or visit www.hotkilns.com.


deltech furances custom rotary

Deltech Inc.

Rotary Furnaces
Custom rotary furnaces for operating temperatures up to 1700°C are now available from this company, with single and multiple tube systems. Furnaces can be designed and built to the optimal size and configuration the customer requires.
Features include fully integrated control panels, customized speeds, customized gradients, and optional feed and exhaust systems. Phone (303) 433-5939, fax (303) 433-2809 or visit www.deltechfurnaces.com.



thermal sintering system direc current sintering dcs

Thermal Technology

Sintering System
This company is currently building a 100-ton, 36,000-amp direct current sintering (DCS) system that will be integral in its customer’s study of ceramic composites.
Direct current sintering has multiple commercial applications. Like spark plasma sintering (SPS), heat is generated internally, as opposed to conventional methods of materials densification such as hot pressing, wherein the heat is external to the sample.
While traditional methods of materials processing require hours to reach peak temperature, SPS and DCS reportedly take only minutes. Benefits can include significant time and energy savings, as well as the ability to retain nano-structures. Phone (707) 571-1911, email sales@thermaltechnology.com or visit www.thermaltechnology.com.


union process horizontal bead mill

Union Process Inc. 

Horizontal Bead Mill
The new DMQX™ horizontal bead mill features an enhanced disc/rod design that can significantly improve grinding efficiency. The new proprietary design can allow for a fast, efficient grinding solution for producing materials in the sub-micron or nanometer range. Milling effectiveness is increased by shorter process times and lower shaft speeds. The end result is less wear on seal faces and other wearing parts, which in turn results in substantial cost savings, as well as reduced maintenance and downtime. Phone (330) 929-3333, fax (330) 929-3034 or visit www.unionprocess.com.

Harper International

Vertical Conveyor Furnace

This company’s patented vertical conveyor furnace is its latest thermal processing innovation for a range of product feedstocks, particularly for materials requiring high-temperature solid-solid and solid-gas reactions, such as carbides, nitrides, borides, and refractory metal powders. The new system is a design alternative to traditional furnace types, with the following advancements:
  • Minimizes the opportunity for product sticking or gas-phase entrainment during processing
  • Maximizes product uniformity and reaction time by minimizing or eliminating bulk bed effects
  • Provides better heat and mass exchange between products and reactants for improved efficiency
  • Limits heating and cooling requirements to the process material only; containment remains at temperature and the process material moves through it