Ceramic Industry

Quantachrome Signs Collaborative Agreement with South American Institutes

July 3, 2012

An agreement for scientific and technical collaboration between Quantachrome Instruments, the National Institute of Applied Physics (INFAP, University of San Luis, Argentina) and the National Council for Scientific and Technical Research (CONICET, Buenos Aires, Argentina) was signed by Marta Rovira, Ph.D., president of CONICET; José Luis Riccardo, Ph.D., president and technical representative of the University of San Luis; and Scott Lowell, Quantachrome's president.

The tri-lateral agreement aims to formalize collaboration and cooperation between all parties to further the development of porous materials synthesis and characterization both within Argentina and throughout Latin America. The signing took place at Quantachrome Instruments’ headquarters on May 3 during the same week the Sixth International Workshop Characterization of Porous Materials From Angstroms to Millimeters was being held at nearby Delray Beach, Fla.

The agreement’s main objective is to regulate the level of assistance and cooperation between the involved parties to benefit the development and continued support of joint projects in the fields of synthesis and characterization of porous solids, and their use in applications such as adsorption, separation and storage of gases, water and industrial effluent filtration, and catalysis. The organizations’ joint efforts will also reportedly be used to plan and organize workshops, symposiums, and conferences in the field of characterization of porous solids and their applications. In addition, they will be able to collaborate with the development of new theoretical models, as well as software models, to be used along with the Quantachrome line of instruments to expand the activities carried out in research centers across Argentina.                  

For additional information, visit www.quantachrome.com, www.sanluis-conicet.gob.ar/infap or www.conicet.gov.ar/web/conicet/inicio.