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South African Network Provider to Deploy Corning Optical Fiber

July 6, 2012

Corning Inc. recently announced that FibreCo Telecommunications, a South African open-access network provider, is deploying Corning optical fiber in its new ultra-high-speed, long-distance fiber optic network. The optical fiber cable contains both Corning®SMF-28e+®LL and LEAF®optical fibers. Phase 1 of FibreCo’s construction began with a 2,000-km link between Johannesburg and Cape Town connecting Bloemfontein, East London, and Port Elizabeth. The subsequent phases of the project will see additional routes being built to enhance network redundancy and resilience. The project’s total distance will cover 12,000 km.

“We are excited to utilize Corning optical fiber for our project,” said Arif Hussain, CEO of FibreCo. “Many submarine optical cables now connect South Africa to the rest of the world, and a significant increase in terrestrial fiber capacity supply is required. Our network will provide the necessary high-speed capacity in South Africa, as well as the ability for our customers to easily upgrade their networks to higher data rates without the need to reinstall fiber.”

For additional information, visit www.corning.com or www.thefibreco.com.