Ceramic Industry

Alfred Inamori Professor Named to International Materials Reviews Committee

July 16, 2012

S.K. Sundaram, Inamori professor of Materials Science and Engineering in Alfred University’s Kazuo Inamori School of Engineering, has been appointed by unanimous approval of the ASM International Board of Trustees as a member of the International Materials Reviews Committee, effective September 1 for a term through August 31, 2015. ASM International serves materials professionals, nontechnical personnel and managers worldwide by providing high-quality materials information, education and training, networking opportunities, and professional development resources.

“I am pleased about this appointment,” Sundaram said. “As a member of the International Materials Reviews Committee, I look forward to working with the ASM Board, the committee members, and peers in helping broader materials science and engineering community at national and international levels.” One of his roles will be to implement the ASM International Strategic Plan.

For additional information, visit www.alfred.edu.