Ceramic Industry

Response Grows for German BlueCompetence Trademark

July 19, 2012

German glass machinery and plant manufacturers are reportedly embracing sustainability, as indicated by the favorable response to the BlueCompetence trademark created by the German Machinery and Plant Manufacturers’ Association (VDMA).

“[The BlueCompetence initiative] gives us and our customers a competitive edge,” said Dominik Hinzen, Marketing manager for the Bohle Group. Companies bearing this label are characterized by sustainability playing a major role in all their business units and activities. The Bohle Group, a producer and wholesaler of machinery, tools, and consumables for glass processing and finishing, has qualified for this award. Hinzen says he regards BlueCompetence as a “meaningful initiative” and considers sustainability and, hence, environmental protection, “good sales arguments,” not only for Germany and Europe, but also increasingly for other parts of the world.                     

For additional information, visit www.bluecompetence.net.