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Confidence in TV News

July 24, 2012

Americans' confidence in television news is reportedly at an all-time low. In last week's CyberNews CyberPoll, we asked readers whether they trusted the news reporting on TV. The vast majority (93.3%) responded no, while the remaining 6.7% said yes.

Comments included:

If you ignore the headlines, remove the slanted adverbs and adjective and listen to different stations that do not duplicate each other (which most of them do) you can find out what really happened.

The partisan reporting by the liberal press is paramont to out and out lying. Hank Boehling

With the recent court ruling stating that it is within a news organization's first amendment rights to outright lie or distort the news, we clearly must be on the guard. Otherwise Orwell's Ministry of Truth will become status quo and the fate of democracy will be bleak. Scott Thompson

it is utterly that all the major news networs other than Fox ARE HELL BENT ON PROMITING LIBERAL CAUSE AT ANY COST

Have you ever wondered why as you flip thru the channels the same stories are covered by each program? Perhaps to save money, they are all getting the same leads from the same source?

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