Ceramic Industry


August 2, 2012

This company recently shipped four QL-100 circulation attritors to a large specialty ink manufacturer. These high-production grinding mills are reportedly able to take high pumping rates that result in a faster grind and a narrower particle size distribution. The attritor circulation system typically includes a separate holding or premix tank (not shown) that can be 10 times larger than the size of the mill. The entire contents of the holding tank will pass through the grinding chamber at least once every 7.5 minutes, or approximately eight times an hour. Attritor circulation milling can improve efficiency by passing material through the mill multiple times. The QL design includes specially configured agitator arms that are designed to increase production.

Each mill has a gross tank volume of approximately 122 gal powered by a 150-HP inverter-duty, explosion-proof motor. The mills were also mounted on 44.4-in. custom-designed frame risers per the customer’s specific requirement. 

For additional information, visit www.unionprocess.com.