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Libbey’s Global Headquarters to Remain in Toledo

September 6, 2012

Libbey Inc. recently announced it has signed a 15-year lease to keep its global corporate headquarters at Edison Plaza in downtown Toledo, Ohio. Libbey partnered with Mohr Partners, a global real estate advisory firm, to negotiate the lease. 

“We are pleased and proud to be making a long-term commitment to maintain our global headquarters in Toledo and we thank Toledo Edison and the State of Ohio for their support,” said Stephanie Streeter, CEO. “By signing the new lease, we are able to keep Libbey’s headquarters in our hometown of Toledo, while supporting our recently announced strategic plan aimed at reducing costs and increasing productivity across our business.”

The State of Ohio also awarded Libbey a $1 million economic development grant for capital improvements and a $200,000 grant to enable the company to provide additional workforce training. 

Libbey has also extended its lease with the City of Toledo for its Libbey Glass Factory Outlet store at the Erie Street Market and its lease with CAD Properties for the Libbey Glass Showroom at 335 N. St. Clair.

For additional information, visit www.libbey.com.