Ceramic Industry

Alfred University Professor, Students Receive Best Paper Award

September 7, 2012

Alfred University recently announced that Jinghong Fan, professor of mechanical engineering, and two of his graduate students have received the Orr Best Paper Award from the American Society of Mechanical Engineers from the editorial board of the Journal of Engineering Materials and Technology (JMET) and the ASME-Materials Division. Fan and his graduate students, Long He and Ross Stewart, received the award for their article, “Concurrent and Hierarchical Multiscale Analysis for Layer-Thickness Effects of Nanoscale Coatings on Interfacial Stress and Fracture Behavior,” which was published earlier this year.

The award will be presented at the ASME Annual Congress, which will take place November 9-15 in Houston. Fan, Long He and Stewart have been invited to deliver a lecture and receive the award November 14.

For additional information, visit www.alfred.edu.