Ceramic Industry

Morgan Technical Ceramics: Transducer

September 7, 2012

This company has introduced a new dual wideband piezo-composite frequency transducer for a range of marine applications, including depth sounding, fish finding or guidance, and Doppler speed metering. The new 09222/000 transducer offers wideband dual frequency operation through the same slot.

Compared with conventional designs, which have a single bandwidth of 195 to 205kHz, the new 09222/000 transducer has dual ranges of 55-89 kHz and 150-220 kHz, with a side lobe level of less than -25 dB, compared to -20 dB. The transducer uses piezo-composite technology that reportedly extends bandwidth, suppresses side lobes, improves beam uniformity and increases figure of merit (FOM) operation. The wide bandwidth has a short ring-down time, which can enable the user to distinguish between objects close together within the transducer’s field of view, typically between fish close to the sea bed. 

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