Ceramic Industry

Ceram Receives Geopolymerization Deal

September 13, 2012

Ceram recently announced it has received a contract to evaluate alternative technologies for dealing with the decommissioning of waste stored in the First Generation of Magnox Storage Pond (FGMSP). The contract is with Sellafield Ltd., the company responsible for decommissioning the Sellafield nuclear site and processing waste on behalf of the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority. Sellafield has commissioned Ceram to carry out research into using geopolymerization as part of the process.

“The FGMSP is one of Sellafield’s high hazard legacy facilities and arguably one of the largest decommissioning projects in the world,” said a spokesman for Sellafield Ltd.

“Geopolymerization has a lot of potential applications across many sectors,” said Giuliano Tari, Ph.D., leader of Geopolymerization development at Ceram. “In ceramics, for example, adding aluminosilicates helps bricks and tiles to be fired at lower temperatures.

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