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Murata, Kowa Co. Develop Electric Walking Assist Car

October 2, 2012

Murata Manufacturing Co. Ltd. recently announced it has teamed up with Kowa Co. Ltd. to develop what the companies describe as an “electric walking assist car” dubbed the KeePace.

Murata’s technological PR robots use inverted pendulum control technology centered on gyro sensors to detect the inclination of the robot body to achieve stopping without falling over, where the robot comes to a standstill without toppling over. The company applied this technology and exhibited a concept model of an electric walking assist car at CEATEC JAPAN 2011. Now it has worked on the joint development of this kind of vehicle with Kowa Co., which has reportedly cornered a 50% share of Japan’s market for electric walking assist cars for the elderly and handicapped, which can be used as a personalized transport vehicle by people who have problems walking.

For additional information, visit www.murata.com or www.kowa.com.