Ceramic Industry

AACCM Reaches Milestone

October 8, 2012

The Association of American Ceramic Component Manufacturers (AACCM) recently marked its 20th anniversary. The organization was founded on June 16, 1992, to create unity among American ceramic manufacturing companies to present a common front to promote American-made ceramic products domestically and internationally. 

The organization was founded to meet “a need within the ceramic manufacturing community to recognize the common threat of low-cost imports and to combat it by forming an alliance between ceramic manufacturers that recognizes our similar goals and skill sets,” said Ted Church, founding chairman.

The result was the joining of some 22 ceramic companies that purchase products from each other or refer business to each other, rather than lose inquiries to foreign suppliers. The cooperative nature of AACCM membership has reportedly increased many members’ businesses beyond the sum of the parts, by expanding cooperative relationships between members and customer referrals.

For additional information, visit www.aaccm.org.