Ceramic Industry

Kyocera Industrial Ceramics Corp.: Milling Cutters

October 25, 2012

This company’s Cutting Tool Division has introduced its new MEW M-Four and MFWN M-Six milling cutters. The cutters feature inserts with MEGACOAT NANO, Kyocera’s new proprietary coating technology for stable cutting and extended tool life.

The M-Four endmills feature negative inserts that use Kyocera’s insert-forming technology, which can reduce cutting forces to levels equivalent to positive inserts. The double-sided, four-edge inserts offer low cutting forces for reduced chatter, improved surface finishes, and minimized vibration.

The M-Six Shell mill features a double-sided, six-edge, extra-thick insert with tough cutting edges and sharp cutting performance. The thick-edge design of the M-Six insert reportedly produces reduced chattering and superior fracture resistance.

For additional information, visit www.kyocera.com/cuttingtools.