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Textbooks and Training

October 23, 2012

In last week's CI CyberNews CyberPoll, we asked readers whether classrooms and companies should replace hard-copy learning materials with digital books and manuals. Responses were as follows:

No: 75%
Yes: 20%
Maybe/Unsure: 5%

We also asked readers if their own companies would consider replacing hard-copy training manuals with e-books or online-only files. Again, responses were divided as follows:

No: 68.4%
Maybe/Unsure: 21.1%
Yes: 10.5%

Comments included:

Cyber crap is STUPID!!!!!!!

We need to move away fro traditional hard copy publications and make a dent in the high cost of teaching materials across all levels of education.

My company wouldn't do it because we are a small family company with less than 15 employees. It would be cost effective and more efficient for larger companies to do it.

This makes it more difficult for financially disadvantaged students. What happens when the power goes out???

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