Ceramic Industry

Kennett Named Ceramic Fuel Cells CEO

November 27, 2012

Ceramic Fuel Cells Ltd. recently announced that Brendan Dow is stepping down as CEO. The Board has appointed Bob Kennett to lead the team in the next stage of the company’s commercial development. Kennett has spent his career in the energy industry. He was managing director of PowerGen Combined Heat and Power Ltd. for 12 years, during which time he established and managed a profitable subsidiary business in the UK.

“On behalf of the whole Board, I should like to thank Brendan Dow for his many years of hard work at the company and wish him well in his endeavors,” said Alasdair Locke, chairman. “I am delighted Bob Kennett has accepted the role of CEO. He has brought a wealth of knowledge to the company as a non-executive director; and now, as we approach the critical stage of fully commercializing our products, his experience will deliver the next stage of our growth strategy.”

For additional information, visit www.cfcl.com.au.