Ceramic Industry

VENT-A-KILN: Ventilating System

December 6, 2012

This company has announced improvements in its bench-mounted, overhead hood-style ventilating system. “We changed from a two-speed to a single-speed motor, which runs cooler and is more efficient,” said Brian Brandon, vice president of Engineering. “We also designed a new support stand that simplifies installation and makes height adjustments of the overhead hood easier.” 

The table-top systems can be used to remove both toxic fumes and heat that usually escape from such applications as dental burnout ovens, jewelry curing furnaces, ceramic kilns, lab furnaces, and others, as well as small industrial ovens. It is available in three hood diameters (27-, 32- and 37-in.) and exhaust blowers of 250 or 450 CFM.

For additional information, visit www.ventafume.com.