Ceramic Industry

Stockholm City Hall Uses Monier Clay Tiles

December 13, 2012

Stockholm City Hall has reportedly received a new roof with special handmade “Dantegl” tiles from Monier Group, a leading supplier of building materials for pitched roofs. The new roof, part of a comprehensive renovation, was completed in order to be ready for the Nobel Prize festivities on December 10.

The tiles were made in Monier Nordic & Baltics’ Volstrup plant in Denmark, which is reportedly northern Europe’s only clay tile production facility that is still able to manufacture tile entirely by hand based on a 1,000-year-old technique. The plant has reportedly been making tiles for 130 years.

The City Hall, designed by local architect Ragnar Östberg, took 15 years to build and was inaugurated in 1923. Besides the various cultural and historical aspects that had to be taken into account during the renovation, the laying had to be managed while approximately 90,000 tourists were passing through the building every month during summer, and 101 politicians and staff were working in the house.

For additional information, visit www.monier.com.