Ceramic Industry

Brownwood Clay Holdings Tests Naturally Sourced Proppant

December 20, 2012

Brownwood Clay Holdings LLC recently announced a development that could expand source minerals from which ceramic proppants can be produced and the locations in which they can be manufactured. With the introduction of formulations for TEXFloat™, TEXLite™, TEXRes™ and TEXProp™, ceramic proppant—which is used in hydraulic fracturing—can now be manufactured near the shale plays where it is used, reportedly increasing availability and decreasing the time and expense associated with transporting the product.

Working with proppant consultants OPF Enterprises, BCH has reportedly created and successfully tested various formulations of a ceramic proppant that is produced with predominately natural mineral resources available near oil and gas shale plays. In addition, third-party testing conducted by Stim-Lab Inc. and PropTester Inc. reportedly concluded that BCH proppants perform comparably to other proppants in the market.

“The limited availability of ceramic proppant manufactured in the U.S. and the expense of transporting it from other countries negatively affects oil and gas operators,” said Gary Davis, co-operating manager of Brownwood Clay Holdings. “By using suitable clay as the significant constituent material in our formulations—which is naturally occurring near shale plays around the world and more effective than sand—we’ve created a way for oil and gas companies to achieve the same results in conductivity, permeability and crush resistance achieved by other ceramic proppants, without the cost or production delays associated with shipping proppant from distant locations.”

For additional information, visit www.brownwoodclayholdings.com.