Ceramic Industry

Inside CI: Materials Handbook

January 4, 2013

Welcome to our annual Materials Handbook issue! The handbook is organized with a definition/description for each material (listed alphabetically), followed by the names of suppliers that provide the material.* Use this informative guide to find suppliers throughout the year, and keep in mind that the fully searchable handbook is also available online at http://directories.ceramicindustry.com/materialshandbook.

While our staff made every effort to contact the entire community of suppliers to our industry, we may have inadvertently missed some. If you are a materials supplier and would like to be included, please contact AnnaMarie McCann at (610) 436-4220, ext. 8518, or email mccanna@bnpmedia.com for pricing and additional details.

This issue also includes our annual “Raw & Manufactured Materials Overview” article. We compile information from market studies, technology reports and trend forecasts, as well as details from the U.S. Geological Survey, to provide a picture of the markets and opportunities for a number of raw and manufactured materials used in the ceramic, glass, brick, and related industries. As in previous years, our website and digital edition include an expanded version of this article, with additional information/charts for a number of materials.

I recently had the opportunity to speak with Ronne Proch, president of Zircoa, Inc., regarding the company’s commitment to the Veterans Opportunity to Work for Hire Heroes (VOW) Act of 2011. To learn more, read the article in this issue and listen to the podcast of our conversation.


*Supplier listings indicate paid advertising. Contact AnnaMarie McCann at mccanna@bnpmedia.com for pricing and additional details.