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America's Best Years

January 15, 2013

In last week's CI CyberNews CyberPoll, we asked readers whether they thought the U.S.'s best years are ahead of us or behind us. Most of the respondents (63.2%) answered behind us, while 21% said that they were unsure. The remaining 15.8% of respondents believe that America's best years are ahead of us.

One reader commented, "I sincerely hope they are ahead of us; we are a comparably very young nation and so it is much to soon to write us off. However, in the next 20 years or so much will depend on the mindset of the 30-and-40-somethings who will be coming to social, economic, and political power as we boomers retire."

Other comments included:

"Sadly, the U.S. has been in a state of decline for many years, and it's getting worse. Among the problems are: ineffective and irresponsible federal government, sub-standard public education system, unions running rampant, out-of-control healthcare costs, insatiable public appetite for gun ownership and the resultant obsence murder rate, far too many people on public assistance, too few decent-paying jobs, and others. It becomes too depressing to continue this list of America's failed democracy!"

"I think, to a great extent, it depends on how you define "best". For example, maybe we won't be the best as far as having the largest economy in the world, but maybe we'll be best in some (many) quality of life parameters."

"The term "America's best years" is very ambiguous. We probably won’t see the prosperity we had after our major competitors were destroyed by war, but the USA is still a very desirable country to live and work in."

"The lack of personal responsibility will be the ruin of us all. The next generation has high regard for their own value but a horrible work ethic."

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