Ceramic Industry

AVURE TECHNOLOGIES: Ultra-Large Hot Isostatic Press

January 24, 2013

TeraPi is a new, ultra-large hot isostatic press (HIP) reportedly suited to support the production of increasingly larger industrial components in the powder metallurgy (PM) market. With a work zone over 3 m in diameter and 5 m in height, the press reportedly surpasses the world’s largest existing press, the Giga-HIP system, also produced by Avure. That system, installed in Japan in 2010, features a work zone of 2.05 m and is 4.2 m tall. 

The customizable TeraPi HIP has reportedly been redesigned with an innovative modular, multi-frame construction. Its on-site vessel and frame assembly can make it easier to manufacture, transport, install and service, while also removing the hurdles of long forging cycles and international shipping constraints.

For additional information, visit www.avure.com.