Ceramic Industry

QUANTACHROME: Temperature Controlling Device

February 11, 2013

A new temperature controlling device for thermostatting gas sorption experiments is now available. The Cryocooler accessory reportedly has specially designed sample holders for its manometric sorption analyzers—the Autosorb-iQ, the iSorb-HP and the older Autosorb-1—that can ensure the necessary temperature control for demanding and cutting-edge applications such as those intended to benefit the environment. 

The Cryocooler does not use liquefied gases; instead, compressed helium gas (in a closed circulation system) is used as a refrigerant, similar to the way a household air conditioning unit or fridge works using fluorocarbons. The Cryocooler can reportedly achieve and control temperatures as low as 20 K (-253°C, -423°F) for low-pressure sorption measurements (Autosorb) and as low as 75 K for high-pressure measurements (iSorb-HP).

For additional information, visit www.quantachrome.com.