Ceramic Industry

A Celebration of Fall

September 10, 2010
Michigan’s Glass Academy will host the 2010 Glass Pumpkin Fest Show and Sale this October.

Collectible glass pumpkins found at the 2nd Annual Glass Pumpkin Fest & Sale, October 16 & 17, 10-4pm at the Glass Academy in Dearborn, MI (Glass Academy)

When the air grows crisper and the leaves begin to change their hue, it is clear that summer has at last drawn to a close. The autumn season is one of great beauty, however, and artists and craftsmen in Dearborn, Mich., wholly intend to celebrate that beauty. This year's 2nd annual Glass Pumpkin Fest Show and Sale will occur on October 16-17 at the Glass Academy in West Dearborn.

The event will showcase a wide variety of handcrafted glass pumpkins in many sizes, shapes, and colors. Admission is free, and shoppers are encouraged to commission their own favorite pumpkin styles during the event. Pricing for these unique collectibles will range from $10 to $500. For those visitors who are interested in the creative methods, the show will also feature live glassblowing demonstrations.

For more information about the Glass Pumpkin Fest Show and Sale, visit www.glassacademy.com.