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November 1, 2001
The 2002 Equipment Digest contains over 50 new definitions, plus completely revised and updated supplier listings.

Welcome to the second annual edition of Ceramic Industry’s Equipment Digest. In the 2002 Equipment Digest (click on “Equipment Digest” in the main menu bar), you will find information on various types of equipment used in the ceramic industry, from Agglomerators and Grinding Wheels to Isostatic Presses and Thermal Analysis Instruments, and dozens of pieces of equipment in between. The equipment is separated into five sections—Batching/Materials Handling Equipment, Forming/Finishing Equipment, Decorating Equipment, Drying/Firing Equipment and Instrumentation—so that you can quickly find the type of equipment you are looking for based upon its intended application. To make this year’s Equipment Digest even easier to use, we have included an index of all of the equipment that appears in this edition (see p. 75 in the print edition). Simply turn to the page number indicated to the left of the product heading to find the information you are seeking.

We have made a great deal of progress this year, adding over 50 new definitions and revising many others that first appeared in last year’s Digest to more accurately reflect variations in equipment types. We have also completely updated the list of equipment suppliers,* making it easy for you to contact equipment manufacturers and distributors to obtain more information. However, the Equipment Digest is still a work in progress. Many more definitions will be added in the coming months and years, and existing definitions will continue to change based on feedback from the industry. Keep this edition handy as a quick reference to locate suppliers and basic information about the equipment used in the ceramic industry, but realize that it will evolve over time. If you are looking for a supplier for a piece of equipment not yet listed in the Equipment Digest, refer to Ceramic Industry’s Data Book & Buyers’ Guide either in print or online. And check our website often to find updated definitions in the Equipment Digest, or to suggest new equipment definitions or revisions of existing definitions.

Your support—and your suggestions—will continue to help make the Equipment Digest a valuable, thorough resource in the years to come.

To submit suggestions or definitions for next year’s Equipment Digest, contact the editor, Christine Grahl, at 3610 Elmview St., West Bloomfield, MI 48324; (248) 366-2503; fax (248) 366-2504; or e-mail grahlk@bnp.com.

*Supplier listings indicate paid advertising.

Click here to access the completely revised 2002 Equipment Digest
supplier listings and definitions!


The Ceramic Industry staff would like to give special acknowledgment to the companies who provided or assisted with definitions for this year’s Equipment Digest:

Advanced Industries International
Coherent Photonics Group, Laser Division
Colloidal Dynamics
Convergent Prima, Inc.
Danser Inc., Vacuduct Division
Durr Environmental, Inc.
Engis Corp.
Flow Autoclave Systems Inc.
Glen Mills, Inc.
Global Equipment Marketing Inc.
Harrop Industries Inc.
Hauck Manufacturing Co.
I Squared R Element Co., Inc.
Kil-Tel Systems Inc.
Laguna Clay Co.
Laser Technology West
Lucas Process Systems
Micromeritics Instrument Corp.
Midwestern Industries Inc.
Niro Inc.
North American Manufacturing Co.
Peter Wolters of America Inc.
PowderPro Goteborg HB
Procedair Industries
Sama Maschinenbau
Stedman Machine Co.
Swindell Dressler International Co.
Unique/Pereny, Div. of HED International Inc.