Ceramic Industry

A.W.T.: Blow-Off Gun

February 9, 2004

The JETBLACK blow-off gun, available from A.W.T. World Trade, Inc., is an effective, easy-to-use, safe and cost-efficient alternative to compressed air. It produces air pressures of less than 3 psi and is available in portable, floor or wall mount units. The JETBLACK is a lightweight air movement and drying unit, used in departments where safe removal of excess material is critical. A.W.T. has been given exclusive distribution rights for the new gun by Air Control Industries, Ltd. The wall mount and floor models of the JETBLACK are ideal for any company where removal of debris is necessary from footwear, clothing, parts or equipment. The portable unit is light enough to be transported into smaller areas, places that are not easily accessible, or locations where a wall mount unit would not be practical.

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